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Welcome to the ISP Supplies Customer Learning Center

Our Learning Center is a place where our users can get ideas on setups or technical information about the products we sell. Also featured are articles of interest to WISP's and other tidbits of information too important not to share. Have an idea or article you might be interested in? If so, email it to us or leave a ticket at our Support Center.

We have added some links to popular articles on the Main Page, however, wiki's are search driven so there are many more pages available than what you see here and we will add them every day so use the search function to find what you are interested in or click the logos below to see all articles in that category. Good luck!

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Learn About MikroTik Products Learn About Ubiquiti Products Learn About Power Solutions Telrad Networks Info
MikroTik Serial Number Search How to Bridge Two Ubiquiti Devices How to Calculate Solar and Battery Backups FCC 3.65 Licensing Process
How to Easily Bridge Two SXT's How to Upgrade Ubiquiti Firmware Tycon Product Training Telrad 3.65 FCC Application
How to Upgrade MikroTik Software How to Upgrade a UniFi Controller on Linux How to Build a Remote Reboot & High Cap. UPS Telrad FAQ

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Learn How to Market Your WISP Learn How to Plan Wireless Links General Information
Marketing 101 Link Planning Tools MikroTik Visio Stencils
Antenna Downtilt Calculator Ubiquiti Visio Stencils
FCC 3.65 Licensing Process
Planning More...